Booking for Teulada events on the web at :

Go to :

  1. You have to register (this once !). To do this click at the top on < Nuevo Usario >. Enter details with your NIF etc and tick the box (that you agree to their conditions).
  2. Return to the above page and enter the province, town and date of the event
  3. Click < buscar > - and, for example, select the place, date etc. of the concert for which you seek to book.
  4. Enter your NIF (numerals only, it seems) and password (contraseña) at the top and then go back to the main page
  5. Click again to select the place & date of the event
  6. Choose your < sector > (of the seating plan)
  7. Choose your seats by clicking on them and then click < comprar >
  8. Proceed to fill in your credit card details.
  9. When you have finished you will find a list of Sabadell branches where there is a ticket printing machine. (The Jávea Sabadell ticket machine is in their branch opposite the Jayan Cinema in the port)
  10. Take the same credit card to that branch and insert it into the machine. The machine will recognise your booking and print your tickets (you must do this within 24 hours of booking).

And that's it !
It's actually very simple (and the 2nd time, dead easy !)